What are the Attributes of an Ideal Environmental Educator?

Photo:  Jeff Morales

Photo: Jeff Morales

Bowen Island Community School recently shared a job posting for an environmental educator teaching outside45, an ecological education program based on Bowen Island.  Interested applicants can apply on Make A Future until Wednesday November 19th 2014 at 1 p.m.

The purpose of this post is to share the attributes we highlighted we were looking for in an ideal candidate and invite readers to share what they feel are the most important attributes of environmental educators.  What would you add, remove or prioritize from the posting below?

The successful candidate possesses a Certificate of Qualification from the Teacher Regulation Branch as well as a recognized Wilderness First Aid Certificate (typically at least 50 hours) and demonstrates the following:

  • a strong background in environmental and experiential education with elementary school-aged children;

  • high level of outdoor skills for a variety of activities including, but not limited to, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, camping in all seasons, and orienteering;

  • interest in cultures of coastal First Nations of BC and, more generally, Traditional Ecological Knowledge including learning from the environment and pursuing the goals described in School District 45’s Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement;

  • excellent planning skills, both of curriculum and to coordinate the logistics of field experiences;

  • clear understanding of risk management and the ability to work with other staff, parents, and students, to implement a risk management plan;

  • ability and experience to plan, teach, differentiate and assess an educational program building on the goals and outcomes as described in the Ministry of Education’s Provincial Learning Outcomes and Integrated Resource Packages and knowledge of BC’s Draft Curriculum;

  • an ecological and inquiry-based approach to learning, including integrating learning from various subjects for the purpose of developing big ideas, conceptual understandings and Core Competencies;

  • proven ability and interest in working in a very collaborative teaching and learning environment; this position involves working very closely with several colleagues and parents;

  • a clear understanding of the characteristics of intermediate-aged children and the ability to develop a positive learning environment addressing the intellectual, physical and emotional needs of students of this age;

  • ability to seamlessly integrate digital access into teaching and learning;

  • an understanding of self-regulation strategies;

  • proven effective written and verbal communication skills with students, colleagues and parents.

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