Seeing Stories

Who are the storytellers?

Often, stories come from someone else, we’re told them in a variety forms.  Sometimes we tell them ourselves, often based on our experiences.  At other times, we see them.

Recently, I listened to Wes Nahanee, whose ancestral name is Chiaxten, speak about storytelling to my students as part of our school’s Whale Day Celebration.  The theme of the day was storytelling and students in my class told stories through drawings.  As they shared them with Wes, he spoke about how he looks closely at the natural world, particularly the behaviour of animals, and this helps him understand his mood and what he wants from the day.  What struck me was how closely observation and mindfulness are tied together and how their synergy tells the stories of ourselves, or perhaps just a moment of our day.

So tomorrow morning, after I wake up I will deliberately observe my surroundings, make observations and inferences, and try to understand myself in my environment.  I will see a story and myself in it.


For more information on Whale Day at BICS, please click here.

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